Pet Sitting Services

We believe that your pets feel most comfortable in their own home. Your home is your dog’s domain and where they feel most safe. This is really important to remember when it comes to keeping them happy, and we are all about making sure we are bringing as much happiness to your pet’s life as we can! Owner Out of Town visits allow a Paws Out professional to come to your home and carry out a normal routine so that your dog doesn’t have to adjust to a new environment while their favorite humans are away. You also won’t have to worry about what to pack like when taking your dog to a kennel, because all your pets favorite things (besides you of course) are already at home!

Paws Out Pet Sitting Services includes the following:

  • Two, one-hour long visits per day from a Paws Out professional.

  • Lots of playtime! Exercise is so important in a dog’s day to day life. Whether it be a walk, run, or game of fetch, we make sure your pup gets enough exercise to feel happy and relaxed between visits. We also follow your daily routine as closely as we can to keep things consistent.

  • Lots of love! We give lots of belly rubs, treats for being good…and cute, and the love and attention your dog needs until you get back from your trip.

  • Basic household chores such as bringing in the mail, picking up poop, taking trash cans to the curb, watering plants, etc.

Price: $60 per day.

Some Notes:

We understand that not every breed requires the same type of attention. While you are away we customize the level of care to fit your dog’s specific needs based on what they like to do. For example, an Australian Shepherd will want the hour long session to be primarily for exercise, where as a couple of French Bulldogs might just want a leisurely stroll outside followed by lots of belly rubs in living room. If your dog wants extra love and care throughout the day we are happy to schedule additional walks to break up the time between morning and evening visits.

We also love kitties! To inquire about cat sitting accommodations email or you can call or text (707)312-3932.

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Why choose Paws Out?

We differ from other companies in that we are concerned with quality, not quantity. Here’s what sets us apart!

I got Cat and Dog First Aid and CPR certified at

  • We are Pro Pet Hero certified
  • We are licensed and insured.
  • 5% of proceeds are donated to animal shelters.
  • We offer personalized service that you and your dog can count on.
  • We give your dog our full and undivided attention on every walk.
  • We understand that every dog has different needs and we do our very best to satisfy them.
  • Flexible scheduling options.
  • Reinforcement of basic training and commands.
  • Home visits that range from keeping puppies occupied while you’re at work to giving a senior dog extra love.