Dog Walking Services

Paws Out Pals Walk

Socialization is so important for a healthy and happy pup. Our Paws Out Pals Walk includes an outdoor excursion for your dog where they are being exercised while also being able to hang out with their new friends. The excursion will be a minimum of one hour and we can assure you that your pup will return home ready to relax. This is also a great way for your dog to build and maintain social skills and become more confident. Please contact us if you would like to save by booking recurring walks with Paws Out Pals!

Price: $25

One On One Walk

Dogs thrive with one on one attention and prefer private walks. Some pups have a difficult time playing well with others due to past experiences, some have shy temperaments/anxiety, and others just really love hanging out with humans. We pride ourselves on working with your dog to bring out their best. One and ones are also an excellent option for breeds that need a little more exercise than a typical walk would provide in a pack setting. Our dog runs give your energetic pup even more to be excited about. Please contact us if you would like to book recurring walks to create a routine that works for your furry friend!

30 Minutes: $20
60 Minutes: $40

Why choose Paws Out?

We differ from other companies in that we are concerned with quality, not quantity. Here’s what sets us apart!

I got Cat and Dog First Aid and CPR certified at

  • We are Pro Pet Hero certified
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

  • 5% of proceeds are donated to animal shelters.
  • We offer personalized service that you and your dog can count on.
  • We give your dog our full and undivided attention on every walk.
  • We understand that every dog has different needs and we do our very best to satisfy them.
  • Flexible scheduling options.
  • Reinforcement of basic training and commands.
  • Home visits that range from keeping puppies occupied while you’re at work to giving a senior dog extra love.